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Our online store is devoted to the subject home distillation.
Modern distiller, conducted many experiments with other materials for stills, but only on the copper Alembic obtained truly noble spirits. And no one manufacturer of such drinks like whiskey, brandy, cognac, calvados, schnapps, rum, grappa, plum brandy and other liquor will not replace your good old copper Alembic.
Copper alembic (also called alambic) can be used to make arak, to distill gin or useful for beauty purposes as extractor for essential oils, hydrosol, perfume, and many essence oils for the aromatherapy industry. hand modeled, hand hammered, in a magnificent work that is simultaneously efficient and beautiful.
For the manufacture of Alembic uses pure copper plates (99.9%).
  For welding of Lead-Free Solders are used only, not harmful to health.

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New Products For October

Copper Alembic - distilling column 100 L
  Dimensions: H-1960mm x L-1440mm x W-700mm. Thickness:...
Copper Alembic - distilling column 150 L
  Dimensions: H-2090mm x L-1510mm x W-830mm. Thickness:...
Alembic water sealing system 70L
Dimensions:H-990mm x L-990mm x W-520mm Thickness: 1.3 mm Treatment Varnish - NO Net Weight - 13.5kg Material - 100% copper Real...
Alembic water sealing system 150L
Dimensions:H-1890mm x L-1680mm x W-1240mm Thickness: 1.5 mm Treatment Varnish - NO Net Weight - 50.9kg Material - 100% copper ...
Alembic water sealing system 100L
Dimensions:H-1590mm x L-1490mm x W-940mm Thickness: 1.5 mm Treatment Varnish - NO Net Weight - 45.9kg Material - 100% copper ...

Alambic avec colonne + Lentille 10 L
Rectifying lens.
Alambic avec colonne + Lentille 30 L
Rectifying lens.

Monthly Specials For October

Copper Refining Lentil 20-40 liters
Dimensions: A-31 cm x O- 26cm Net Weight: 1,9 kg
€75.00  €69.00
Save: 8% off