Alembic Water Sealing System

Copper Alembic - water sealing system

The specificity of this alembic lives in the fact of using waters to stop the interior steams, vapors not having the need to go through rail technique used in the other models.unique about this still is that it uses water to seal off the alambic.

The pot is built with two separate walls on the top side creating a chamber or corridor where the water is placed.

The inner wall is higher than the exterior one, and this is one of the essential elements of the water sealing system, as this wall must touch the lid to aid in sealing off all vapours.

The models are usually used with a refinement lentil in order to facilitate the task of the distiller and thus avoid further distillations. This still can be used in the distillation of alcoholic beverages, for essential oils and floral waters.

This product comes equipped with an interior copper sieve tray and a copper refining lentil with a brass locking system to facilitate mounting and dismounting.Thicker copper sheeting is employed in manufacturing products.

All connecting parts between the swan neck and the condensing recipient come equipped with rapid brass locking unions to avoid the escape of vapours. These models may be used for the distillation of alcoholic, essential oils for preparing medicinal herbal extracts and perfumes, rosewater or whatever your imagination might come up with.

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