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Copper Alembic - distilling columnIn the traditional alembic

Copper Alembic - distilling columnIn the traditional alembic, wine and water are mixed in the boiler but with this type of alembic the copper pot only works as a producer of steam as the wine is not placed in the pot but in the column, so there is no direct contact with the water.In this still the substance to distill is placed in the column and not in the pot as the traditional stills Depending on the capacity, the column may have on or two sieves tray welded inside, which allows separation of wine and water, as well as the passage of vapors.

The pot here is destinated to put the water to produce the steam necessary to the process of distillation. Between the pot and column there is a perforated sieve that in addition to serving to separate the substance to distill from the water that is in the pot and also to allow the passage of steam to the column.

This process known as steam distillation is ideal for the distillation of alcoholic drinks and essential oils.One of the characteristics of this alembic is being able to do two kinds of distillation, vapors distillation and distillation with organic materials and water mixed in the boiler,very important for that to happen is necessary to take away the column andwork only as a traditional alembic.

This Distilling Column Alembic Still includes a copper pot with column, a swan neck lid, an extension pipe and a condensing recipient.This model comes with a detachable brass locking system on the swan neck lid to facilitate storage when not in use. The extension pipe is provided to compensate for the increased height of the column.

This should be connected between the swan neck piping and the condensing recipient.Distillation is considered to be the best method to obtain the purest form of essential oils and hydrolats. During distillation the plant material is heated by means of steam vapour to release the essential oil molecules present.

Other methods of essential oil extraction include cold pressing, infusion and solvent extraction.Floral waters, also known as hydrolats or hydrosols, are a by-product from the distillation of plant materials to obtain the essential oils. As such these floral waters retain some of the therapeutic qualities of the essential oils and may be applied on the skin as a toner or used for cosmetics.

They may be applied directly on the skin as they only contain minute quantities of the essential oils.Essential oils are highly concentrated, aromatic, volatile and insoluble substances that may be extracted from leaves, flowers, stems or roots of plants.Scientists have placed a new focus on plants once again in the hope of finding a cure for the many incurable diseases presently inflicting our society. It is now considered scientific fact that essential oils can contribute in a positive way to our physical and emotional wellbeing.

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