Alambic made from 99% copper

Alambic made from 99% copper

Alambic made from 99% copper.

Copper collects the sulfur oxide that falls on the internal surface of cube distillation.You can get not only alcoholic beverages and substances used in cosmetics and medicine, such as: Cosmetics, essential oils are used with aromatherapy, flower water. In our assortment there are only high-end products.

The model is a classic design, and is suitable for distillation and receiving any conventional alcoholic beverages, such as cognac, whiskey, chacha, grappa, calvados, absinth and much more ...
Our online store is the official supplier of Portuguese alambic. The purity of the copper used.

The basic factor of obtaining elite alcohol on alumbika is the quality of the copper used. This metal is resistant to the influence of fruit acids, the flavor content of the raw material will not change.

Alambic will last you a very long time, and wonderful heat-conducting qualities will allow you to fine-tune the temperature regime.

Copper absorbs sulfur and, among other things, preserves the aroma and flavor of the raw material used for brewing, which is why the product is so delicious and its aroma is difficult to compare with a conventional distillate obtained from a stainless steel apparatus.