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Alembic Copper Bain Marie 20 L


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The device is made by hand by the Portuguese master.
Ideal for distillation thick stillage, because It prevents sticking.
The system uses a double boiler, creating the effect of a water bath.
This system prevents direct contact of the material for the distillation of a heat source, it prevents scorching, providing a uniform and constant temperature required for the distillation process.
The water bath acts as a buffer between the heating element and the cube.
Water "Shirt" is filled with water by means of special nozzles.
Between evaporative cube and helmet mounted water castle. Thanks to its presence alambik suitable for distillation viscous types of home-made beer. Cube is heated evenly and gently, so that its contents are not spoiled.
Copper absorbs sulfur without letting it fall to the finished product, thus retains the taste and aroma of the feedstock.
It has reliable threaded connection with the coil and a helmet.
All components of the boiler are made by high-temperature soldering.
You can easily prepare a drink from the starch raw material (peas, corn, beans, potatoes, etc.), And are not afraid, that the product will burn.
The distillate will retain a pleasant aroma and taste of the raw material.
Suitable for use in distilled spirits, oils and floral water.
Made of high copper thickness of at least 1 mm, typically 2.5 mm.
Included with the lens, and the distillation thermometer.
Drinks made with his own hands from natural ingredients are much safer for your health and the health of your loved ones.

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